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To make known the love of Jesus Christ by word and deed
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If you like to worship with your heart but still think with your head you might enjoy Hearsall Baptist Church.

Why not give us a try - and see if we are as welcoming as we like to think we are?

We’re a mixed bunch with a range of views but we love each other - and that seems to make all the difference.

This Months Services

Daily Bible Message

The latest copy of 'The Messenger' is now available to read on-line here.
The SIM newsletter from The Phillips family is also available here.

Stop Press

November 2019

3rd 10:30am HBC Rev David Sutcliffe    
  6:00pm EPV Evening Service    

10th 10:30am HBC Remembrance Parade    

11th 10:00am FHC Morning Prayers    

17th 10:30am HBC Rev.David Sutcliffe ©  
  6:30pm URC Service at Holyhead Road URC.    

24th 10:30am HBC Rev.Neil Le Tissier    

28th 6:30pm HBC Toy Service    

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HBC = Service in main church
FHC = Service in Frank Hall Chapel
LG = Service in the Lounge
PR = Service in the Peirson Room
URC = Holyhead Road URC, CV6 1QL
EPV = Earlsdon Park Village,Albany Road,CV5 6JQ
© = Communion Service
D = See Diary for details