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To make known the love of Jesus Christ by word and deed
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If you like to worship with your heart but still think with your head you might enjoy Hearsall Baptist Church.

Why not give us a try - and see if we are as welcoming as we like to think we are?

We’re a mixed bunch with a range of views but we love each other - and that seems to make all the difference.

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Daily Bible Message

The September/October issue of The Messenger newsletter can be read on line via this link

Stop Press

Currently we have cancelled all church services and meetings. The Trustees are monitoring the situation and will notify all attendees when we believe it is safe to open again.
We will be audio recording a Sunday morning service each week and, along with a written sermon and study notes, it will be posted here, for as long as the latest crisis lasts.

Sunday 18th October 2020
Sunday Morning Service David's Zoom Room
Download written version David is usually in his Zoom Room on Sunday morning from 11:30am until noon.
Previous services can be found on the Listen Again tab in the top menu