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To make known the love of Jesus Christ by word and deed
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Bible Study

Connecting the Sunday sparkle at Hearsall Baptist with the Daily Dust of Life

Week Beginning Study Name

13th October 2019 Seeing, Turning, Praising, Thanking

6th October 2019 The Invisible Touch

29th September 2019 Is this the Real Life

22nd September 2019 The Water of Life

15th September 2019 Upside Down

8th September 2019 When Faith gets Tough

28th July 2019 Life Prayer

21st July 2019 Hearing Aids

7th July 2019 Keeping it Simple

30th June 2019 Keeping in step with the Spirit of life

23rd June 2019 Stumbling on the Truth

16th June 2019 Swimming in Love

9th June 2019 Extraordinary Intimacy

2nd June 2019 Heavenly Visions

26th May 2019 Unconscious Slaves

19th May 2019 Christian Aid

12th May 2019 Lifelight

5th May 2019 Resurrection Reminders

24th April 2019 Trusting Thomas

14th April 2019 Holy Week

7th April 2019 Peace for All Nations

31st March 2019 Amazed and Confused

23rd March 2019 Healing the Wounds of Time Study 91 Suppliment

17th March 2019 All God's Children

10th March 2019 How to Help & How not to Hinder

3rd March 2019 Eat God?

24th February 2019 The Crossing

10th February 2019 The Seventh Man

3rd February 2019 An Unbounded Spirit

27th January 2019 Does God trust you?

20th January 2019 The wedding in Cana

13th Janaury 2019 At your service

18th November 2018 Good News

7th October 2018 Freeing Women Freeing Men