Earlsdon Methodists Church St Barbara’s C of E Church St. Mary Magdalens’ C of E Church All Souls Roman Catholic Church Hearsall Baptist Church

What is CTEC?

CTEC is an ecumenical group of churches in the area of Earlsdon and Chaplefields who work together to bring the love of the Lord to the local and the wider community. They support local and national charities and the Coventry foodbank.

In 2015 the churches successfully hosted HGTA (how great thou art) a local festival of arts.

Churches in the CTEC group

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Church Together Calendar 2024

No prayer breakfast
Wednesday 10th 1.30pm - Committee Meeting at HBC.
18th - 25th - Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) 
Saturday 20th 6.30pm WPCU Fellowship Meal at AS, with speaker from Coventry Haven.

Saturday 3rd 8.00 am - prayer breakfast at SB.
Tuesday 20th 12noon - Lent Lunch at SB.
Tuesday 28th 12noon - Lent Lunch at EMC.

Saturday 2nd 8.00 am - prayer breakfast at HBC.
Tuesday 5th 12noon - Lent Lunch at SMM.
Tuesday 12th 12noon - Lent Lunch at HBC.
Wednesday 13th 1.30pm - Committee Meeting at HBC.
Tuesday 19th 12noon - Lent Lunch at AS.
25th-29th Holy Week service
Thursday 28th Maundy Thursday Hot Cross Buns - Earlsdon Street.
Friday 29th 12noon - Good Friday service outside HBC.

No prayer breakfast
Saturday 13th time? - Talk on Belize by Jan Clemmons at AS.

Saturday 4th 8.00am - prayer breakfast at AS
Wednesday 8th AGM - 7.00pm Committee Meeting, 7.45pm at SMM

Saturday 1st 8.00am prayer breakfast at SMM.

Saturday 6th - 8.00am prayer breakfast at EMC.
Wednesday 10th 1.30pm - CTEC Committee Meeting SMM.

No prayer breakfast

Saturday 7th 8.00 am - prayer breakfast at AS.
Wednesday 11th 1.30pm - Committee Meeting.

Saturday 5th 8.00am - prayer breakfast at EMC.

Saturday 2nd 8.00am - prayer breakfast at SB.
Wednesday 13th 1.30pm Committee Meeting.

Sunday 1st at 6.00pm United Advent Service at AS.
Saturday 7th 8.00am prayer breakfast at SMM.
Thursday 12th 6.30pm Carol Singing

AS = All Souls RC Church
SMM = St Mary Magdalans C of E Church
EMC = Earlsdon Methodists Church
SB = St Barbara's C of E Church
HBC = Hearsall Baptist Church