Hearsall Baptist Church and Schoolrooms circ 1950 Our History

The Rev. Bernard Mason, student minister at Queen’s Rd. helped us by leading meetings and services and in 1938 a Baptistery was installed in the large hall.

Mr Owen and Mr Pritchard told the church that with help from the Forward Movement Fund, if each member could give 2 shillings and 6 pence (12 new pence) a week we could afford to call a Minister. This we did.

War was declared on 3rd September 1939. Children were evacuated, young men called to the Forces. Blackout - Air raids, bombing.

Whenever the sirens sounded for an air raid during a service we sang “In Heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear” and this became known as the Hearsall Anthem. On one occasion our caretaker, Mr Fred Eaves dealt with an incendiary bomb in the roof and saved the building from destruction.

Deacons of Hearsall Baptist in 1938

Deacons 1938

Back L to R - Reg Wheway, Jessie Murphy, Hermoine Chiley, Des Bicknell

Front L to R  - May Bushell, Ernest Owen, Rev Russell Aldwinckle, Billy Pritchard, Elizabeth Jones.


Hearsall has been fortunate to have such varied and faithful ministries through the years. Each one has initiated new ideas, widening and enriching the Life of the Church.

From 1938 -1943 our first Minister, Dr. Russell Aldwinckle was a great inspiration to a new church, drawing many people to the worship and baptising our young ones. He was a keen member of the Dramatic Society; in 1942 he married Muriel Owen, a Hearsall girl.