Hearsall Baptist Church and Schoolrooms circ 1950 Our History

Now that war was over

many activities became possible once more.

The 18-35 Discussion Group began and the Men’s meeting. The Youth Club flourished also a Young Wives meeting. Mr Clement encouraged our awareness of belonging to the Baptist Denomination and other Coventry Free Churches. He was a member of the Coventry Education Committee and was an outstanding chairman at meetings. His advice on procedure was much appreciated by fellow ministers. Mr Clement encouraged us to support the Baptist Missionary Society and was also a good Sunday School Leader.

1952-59 the Rev John Walmsley was minister, our first minister with a young family. Mr Walmsley emphasised the Fatherly love of God and the importance of Christian values in home life. Mrs Walmsley started Christian Endeavour meetings. Our famous landmark The Star was made, and the building of a church became a possibility. Much generous giving and fund raising followed. Mr Walmsley gave valuable help to the building committee on aspects of church design. St. Andrew’s Free Church Home opened with good support from the church members. The Messenger was first produced in 1958, that’s another anniversary!

The building of the new church began in May 1960 wonderfully marking the Centenary of Baptist Witness in Chapelfields. It was opened free of debt. The opening of our new church in 1961 coincided with the calling of our next minister the Rev. Robert Brown.

Sunday School Anniversary Parade 17th June 1956

Sunday School Anniversary Parade 17th June 1956