Hearsall Baptist Church and Schoolrooms circ 1950 Our History

1973-1976 Rev. John Hughes was our minister. In his ministry John emphasised the importance of the laity as the People of God, and a continuing programme of stewardship. He started the Christmas Day meal and entertainment for lonely people. He acted as Moderator to Lawrence Saunders Church in 1974 and this was also a step towards the joint ministry he envisaged.


1961 - 69 Rev. Robert Brown

was keen to foster Church Unity in our area

and further a field. He supported Ecumenical Projects at Coventry Cathedral. Work for Christian Aid became important. A Play Group was begun and Earlsdon Day Club for Handicapped People received our support. In 1963 a safer method of erecting the star was designed by Cyril Cobb, this had previously entailed some risky mountaineering; and in 1965 we rejoiced at the ordination of David Tennant who grew up here at Hearsall.

1970-72 Rev. David Fraser -  David brought a warm and friendly personality to the church and great pastoral concern. The Lunch Club for housebound people began and still continues happily. We were encouraged to support people with needs outside Hearsall, through Marriage Guidance, Samaritans, Reading for the Blind etc. David stressed the importance of good communication – including Visual Aids and much use of the Church duplicator. He wrote hymns which were made into a hymn book. The Christmas Candlelight service began.